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 Slightly old KQ Guide

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Slightly old KQ Guide Empty
PostSubject: Slightly old KQ Guide   Slightly old KQ Guide EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 12:17 pm

WARNING: Some of this is a little out of date, but the method is still vaguely the same. Feel free to add comments.


So you're going to kill the dreaded Kalphite queen Surprised fair enough! But theres a fair few things that you're going to need to do if you hope to succeed. Alot of people get very worried about KQing, but i did my 1st trip at level 88 combat (Pre-summoning). Well heres a few hints and tips as to what to do!

Starting up

I like to start from the shantay pass, but alot of people will start from dorgesh-kaan or from Zanaris and using the fairy rings to get to the desert. This guide will talk as though you're going from the shantay pass.

First prepare your invent with the following:
1 x Teletab
1 x Super set
1 x D Mace (DDS if heroes not complete)
1 x Rope (partner will get other rope. Will need 2 ropes if soloing)
1 x Shantay pass
1 x Ring of Duelling
20 x Sharks/Mantas/Monkfish

(Some people like to swap some of the food for antipoison or a prayer pot)

Slightly old KQ Guide KQinvent-1

Also equip this:

Veracs helmet
Veracs brassard
Veracs plateskirt
Veracs flail
Stole preferably - Otherwise Amulet of Glory (Fury if you dare Surprised)
Legends/obby/skill/no cape
Dragon/Rune/Climbing/no boots
Barrows gloves/Combat brace/Nothing
Ring of wealth

Slightly old KQ Guide KQepuip

Then head out of the shantay pass and wait in this safespot until the whole team is ready.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQsafespot

Here the heat of the desert will not effect you. At this point you should probably have your D mace equipped.

On your marks!

Once you're all ready fall in on the leader and run west to the KQ lair entrance.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQRoute

When you get to the desert "well", use a rope on it (If you're 1st rope) and click again to go down.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQentrance

Wait again here for the whole team and turn your run off. Follow the leader and form a chain as you walk round.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQTunnels

The route around the tunnels is fairly straightforward, its a snaking zigzag pattern and if you can't follow it, you don't deserve to be kqing! =P
Eventually you'll reach an area before an opening to a circular room with another "well" in the middle of it, this area has 2 kalphite guardians in it, but they're of no concern. Here you should go ahead and pot up before you dive into the tunnel.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQpotspot

Then, whoever has 2nd rope go ahead and use it on the "well". You'll arrive in a "box" area. This is the final area which is safe, as soon as you leave this area the queens attacks can and will hit you. Here you should turn on mage protect and protect 1 item prayer. Also piety is recommended if you're soloing or have over 80 prayer. Recommended you bring a p pot if you're using piety too.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQSafebox

The Fight!

Run and find the kalphite queen, she'll be easy enough to find, just follow the big spike that just hit you painfully! =P
All members of the team should spread equally around her. If theres 2 people, be 180 degrees from one another. If 3, 120 degrees between one another, and so on. Use all 4 D mace or dds specs on her 1st, this is because her 1st form uses mage and range prayer making it easier to hit with the specs. Once the special bar is empty, swap to flail.

Slightly old KQ Guide KQ1stform

Once the 1st form is dead, this will happen!!! Surprised

Slightly old KQ Guide KQChange

The 2nd form is alot harder to kill as she melee protects, hence the veracs, she also hits harder, so eat up! You simply have to tough it out with the flail until she's dead!

Slightly old KQ Guide KQ2ndform

With any luck you'll finish her off and you'll see this =P

Slightly old KQ Guide KQDead


Once she's dead, try to run away from the hordes of kalphites following you and teleport to the duel arena. Stand by the wall closest to the entrance and challenge your partner to a duel!

Slightly old KQ Guide KQDuel

As soon as you're in ther arena, forfeit!

Slightly old KQ Guide KQForfeit

Why do this? The duelling arena cures poison and restores hp and prayer. Once you're out, teleport back to the arena entrance and walk back to the shantay pass. Get your invent back together and repeat the whole process. And you never know! If you do it enough times or get really lucky, you may end up with a situation like this...

Slightly old KQ Guide KQChain

Why go through all this?

Slightly old KQ Guide KQchainbuy

Happy KQing Wink
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Slightly old KQ Guide
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