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 Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide

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PostSubject: Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide   Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 12:19 pm


Getting Started

You're going to want to do the Lost city quest to make impling hunting easier. This allows you to the permanently open crop circle in the middle of Zanaris' (The Lost City) wheat field. Crop circles do open up all over Runescape, but the pattern is random and it could take hours to get into one. If you can't do lost city, you can get a friend who can get into Zanaris to talk to the wandering impling outside the crop circle in Zanaris, who will give them the location of an open crop circle.

Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Map

Entrance/Exit - Entrance to Zanaris from the Lumbridge Shack
Bank - The bank in Zanaris
Implings - The entrance to Puro puro, the Impling hunting minigame
Fairy Ring - Entrance to Zanaris via fairy rings

Secondly, you need a hunting level of 17 to enter in the 1st place (Refer to the hunter guide for the fastest levelling).

Before entering, prepare your invent. If you're brand new to this, you'll need a butterfly net from yanille hunting shop and thats all.

If you're an old veteran, i recommend an invent like this:

Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Invent-1

A common mistake is to fill your invent with lots of impling jars, don't. Use the jar generator to keep them with you whenever you lose one.

Then Enter...

Once you're in, talk to the gnome "Elnock"; he'll give you your first impling jars. Go out and catch any implings and go back to the gnome to get more jars.

Trading with the gnome

Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Gnomeshop-1

The gnome will trade you various useful items in exchange for captured implings:

He'll trade you 3 impling jars for 1 of any impling [He will always take the lowest impling in your invent, so don't go trading for jars with only a dragon imp in your invent!]

He'll give you impling repellent for 3 baby implings, 2 young implings and a Gourmet impling. [This is not worth it in my opinion. I've never used it and it seems pointless]

He'll trade you a magic butterfly net for 3 gourmets, 2 earths and 1 essence impling [This is brilliant, get it as soon as you can]

He'll give you a Jar generator for 3 essence, 2 eclectic and a nature impling. [This is great. Once you have this, you'll only ever have to go back to the gnome for more jar generators when the one you have runs out. You get 100 charges per generator, each impling jar costs 3 charges, so 33 impling jars per generator. Be sure to keep 6 aside at the end to catch 3 ess, 2 ecl and a nat impling for another!]

Some simple info

Heres a list of the level requirements of an impling, and examples of their potential loot.

Level 17 - Baby Impling - Chisel, Cheese, Mud Pie, a bowstring.
Level 22 - Young Impling - Yew long, Mith bar, Lockpick, pizza.
Level 28 - Gourmet Impling - Shark, Cooked Tuna, curry leaf, chef's Delight.
Level 36 - Earth Impling - Super compost, unicorn horn, Gold Ore, Rubies.
Level 42 - Essence Impling - All types of runes including binded runes. Good amounts too.
Level 50 - Eclectic Impling - Wild Pie, Blue d hide chaps, Rune dagger, Addy Kite.
Level 54 - Spirit Impling - Charms, Pouches, Tinderboxes, Chinchompa.
Level 58 - Nature Impling - Snapdragon seed, Kwuarm seed, Coconut, Torstol.
Level 65 - Magpie Impling - Rune warhammer, Power ammy's, Blue mystic boots, Black d hides.
Level 74 - Ninja Impling - Rune chain, Rune Knives, P Pots, Onyx Bolt tips.
Level 76 - Pirate Impling* - Pirate leggins, Bandana, Left Eyepatch, Pirate shirts.
Level 83 - Dragon Impling - D arrows, Snapdragon seeds, Blue Mystic bottoms, Dds'.
Level 87 - Zombie Impling - Dragon Bones, Big Bones, Ourg Bones, Monkey Skull.
Level 91 - Kingly Impling - Onyx Bolts, 2 Dragon Longswords, Royal Crown, Royal Shirt.

*Remember a Pirate Impling also requires the completion of the "Rocking Out" quest to catch. Refer to the quest guide for hints.

I wouldn't recommend impling hunting for money until you're at least 65 hunter, because at Magpies, it really starts to get better.

From now on, the guide will focus on hunting Magpie implings and above. These are the only complicated ones.

General Hunting

There are 2 types of high level impling hunting you can do. 1 is general hunting, going for magpie plus. The other is Dragon impling hunting, focussing on getting only Dragon Implings.
This section focusses on General hunting.

Let me start off with a few DON'T'S!

1] You'll see alot of people in Larupia in puro puro. Larupia doesn't increase or decrease your chance of catching an Impling. It does however weigh you down. You're going to run about alot in the maze, so keep your weight down!

Heres what i wear to hunt implings:

Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Equip
I swap between hunt and spottier cape dependant on what I'm doing, but just put the best hunter cape on you can.

2] You'll see alot of people (usually wearing larupia) camped out in the south western corner. "This is the respawn point for good implings!" They'll argue. But that doesn't work either! When puro puro 1st came out, YES thats where the good implings were. It was changed after about a week! No all implings nature and above have random spawn locations, and often start floating in a random direction the second they pop into existence! There's very little chance to get them!

3] Snares. Alot of people will bind/snare or entangle the implings. Think about it this way: If you're the only hunter there, you can just chase it down, no need to snare them as nobody else will get them. If there's 2 of you and neither snare, it's a fair fight for the impling. If there's 2 of you and the other guy snares, go for it anyway, at least you didn't need to snare!

Now I'll finally move on to what you actually do.

Getting that impling

Use these sections along with the image that accompanies them.

Until you spot an impling you like

1] Push through wheat until you reach the 3rd from outermost ring of the maze.

2] Set your camera angle low to the ground and point it as though you're going to walk anti-clockwise.

3] Right-click just on the yellow line on the picture and select "walk-here" this stops you from catching unwanted implings.

4] After choosing to walk, scan the horizon with your mouse and keep an eye on the top left corner so you can see when it says "Ninja Impling" or the like. Also watch the implings. Some implings look like others. Earth and young can look like Magpie. Essence and earth can look like ninja. Gourmet can look like Dragon. But watch the horizon and hopefully you'll spot the Impling you want.

When you see that impling

5] Click NEAR it. Alongside it for example, and turn run on. Wait until the impling passes between the two green lines before clicking it otherwise your character will run erratically around trying to find the best route via the auto-navigation system, if you click within the lines you'll track the impling even after it moves of your row. You'll stand alongside it, facing it but in your row too. It'll move about and eventually you WILL swing for it*, trust me.

6] Swing an a miss? If no, then loot your impling. If yes, then the impling will float off somewhere and face you. Now you can either push through after it or just wait for it. Personally I wait for it and i usually win out against those who don't. If it sits still for over a minute, its stuck there (Usually occurs if you've swung and missed twice) and you can go and grab it. But clicking between the two green lines is the most important tip that I can give.

7] Once you have your impling, go back to step 1.

*For those 99 hunters, when an impling is approaching, operate your hunt cape just before you swing for the imp, and you'll near certainly catch it 1st try.


Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Zones

Further Notes

-I find that high worlds work well as theres fewer people hunting implings there.
-Pirate Implings aren't worth it.
-After you've caught a dragon impling, do 1 more circuit of the field, then hop worlds.
-If you've not caught an Impling on a world for a while, the worlds probably gone dry, so hop.
-A common pattern you may see: Mag > Mag > Mag > Nin > Mag > Drag. Caught in that order, seems to happen alot, so if you get a few mags in a row, stick with the world, theres probably a dragon on its way!

Dragon Impling Hunting

The least fun, but most profitable method to hunting. Grab some energy pots but use the previous invent other than that. Head to 3rd from outermost ring again and turn run on, run round the field once, then hop worlds, you'll get a few Dragons this way. Of course, stop for any Magpies or Ninjas you might see. You may need the energy pots to keep your run up.
Another good method is to get people to scout for you. Offer them their trade limit for any they spot for you, they can't catch them so they may as well help you out! You'll end up with way more Dragons this way. Many eyes on many worlds looking for the Drag.


Q: Whats your best loot?
A: 273 Dragon arrows, 8k each (at the time) = 2,184,000gp

Q: Best profit in a day?
A: About 8m at a guess. That was with 4 scouts and following the 1st D impling method.

Q: How many Dragon Implings have you caught?
A: Have lost count, would guess around 60.

Q: Are implings good exp?
A: Hell no.


After i wrote this, i decided to follow my own advice and spend some time at the implings. I utilised all of the methods which i mention in this guide and heres what i ended up with:

Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide Fruitsoflabour-1
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PostSubject: Re: Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide   Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 2:06 am

wow nice i was planning on going there now i can do it pro Razz and yes i was a noob who took a full invent of jars XD
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Puro Puro Impling Hunting Guide
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