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 99 Hunter Guide

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PostSubject: 99 Hunter Guide   99 Hunter Guide EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 12:25 pm

I've explored a tonne of different methods of hunting, and through various means, I've racked up around 54m exp in the damn skill.
There are many different ways to get 99 hunter, but this guide will provide quick levelling, until you can start making some decent money. The guide was made a long time ago so might be a little out of date in parts - one example being that it's now better to do salamanders in place to falconry, but red chins remain a fast and profitable way to level, which is mostly what this guide is about. Anyway, here you are:

Hunter is fast levelling. With each chinchompa caught (lvl 63 requirement) giving you 265 exp, compared to Monkfish (Level 62) giving 120 exp; Addy ores (Lvl 70) Giving 95 exp or Yew logs (Level 60) Giving 175 exp each. You realise that its fast levelling, yes. I'll agree with that. The difference however is that hunt requires undivided attention if you intend to catch well at high levels. Whereas with fishing, mining or wcing, you can leave your character to do all the work.

Step 1:
Head to Yanille hunter shop, just buy yourself one of everything (if you have the bank space) because you'll probs need it at some point. Buy 5 or more box traps. 2 or more Bird snares. I've never used torches, but they may be useful for some.

Hunting Grounds:-

Jungle - South of Feldip hills. Duelling ring to c wars and walk south.
Woodland - North west of the gnome stronghold. Glider to grand tree and walk round.
Polar - Head north of the entrance to keldagrim. North east of relekka, past the narrow stretch of land.
Desert - Through shantay pass, head east south east until you hit the river, sollow the river until you find a bridge across. Then you'll be in the hunt grounds.
Lava - Near the new ZMI altar (Red sallys) OR north east of chaos temple in the wilderness (Black sallys)
Jungle again (Graahk) - Karamja, north west of Shilo, south of tai bwo wannai.

I would hope that you are all above these levels; but some of you may have terribly low hunter levels! Head to the beach on the east side of the jungle hunting ground. Place a bird snare down where you see red birds. These are called crimson swifts. Catch these all the way to level 19. Stand about 4-5 squares away from your trap after its set to increase the chance of catching.
APPROX 117 swifts to level 19

LEVELS 19-23
Tropical wagtails. Birds again. Stick your snares down by the blue and green birds. These can be found all over the jungle hunting ground. My prefered spot is on the very south border of the map, head along this until you come across a concentration of wagtails and set down your trap. NOTE: At level 20, you can lay 2 traps, it really does speed up your hunting!
ONLY 25 tropical wagtails to level 23

LEVELS 23 - 37
Go to the bank (C wars is my preferance from jungle grounds) and pick up a knife (as used in fletching) and a wcing axe. Head to the woodland grounds. Just on the south west corner of the falconry spot is a boulder. Cut logs from nearby trees and use them on a boulder to set a trap. Wait for the kebbit to jump in. The animation of catching them is amusing =]
APPROX 166 wild kebbit to level 37

LEVELS 37 - 43
Prickly kebbit. Head further north from the wild kebbit in the woodland hunting grounds to find these, use same tactics as wild kebbit.
APPROX 113 prickly kebbit to level 43

LEVELS 43 - 57
Grab yourself 500gp and head to the falconry area within the woodland hunter grounds. Pay mathias 500gp for the honour to use a falcon. Simply click on a spotted kebbit to send the falcon at it. Then retrieve the falcon once its caught, if it misses, it'll return to you. You'll have to pay 500gp every time you enter the falconry area, but this is VERY fast exp. Save yourself a couple of furs to make a spotted cape. Hunter guru's tip:- Try to target your next catch while retrieving falcon from the last one to optimise hunting.
APPROX 1468 spotted kebbit to level 57 (sounds alot, but its not)

LEVELS 57 - 63
Falconry again, but dark kebbit. As before, still 500gp per time.
APPROX 1253 dark kebbit to level 63.

Ok at this point you have a choice. EXP or $$$. For exp simply catch the highest level salamanders you can. Red sallys are near the new ZMI altar, Black sallys are near the chaos temple in the wilderness. To catch a sally take rope and a SMALL fishing net to the hunting spot. Use the net on the tree to set a trap.

For $$$, as follows:

LEVELS 63 - 99
Red Chinchompa. Yes, these beauties. Take your box traps out of the bank, head to the jungle hunting grounds and lay them down. Look for the hunter logo on the mini-map, that is my preferred spot. There is a jungle plant in the middle of the clearing there. Head 2 squares north from that, lay your first trap. Then head 1 square west, then 1 square north and lay the next (1 sq NW from previous). Then 1 sq NE, then 1 sq SE, Wait in the middle. When a chin jumps in click on the box to retrieve it, when your character is bending down, rapid click another box to pick up 2 boxes at once. Lay all traps down where you picked them up from. Use this formation and when you reach level 80 and can lay 5 traps, lay it 1 sq East from the easternmost box.

99 Hunter Guide HuntformationKey

The top 10 hunters all use the following set up.

Lay trap, 2sq E, lay trap. 2 sq south, trap. 2 sq west, trap. 1 sq NE, trap. To form a "Dice-5" shape.

99 Hunter Guide Huntformationdice5

Use whichever formation suits you, or even one completely different!

Simply repeat all the way to 99.
APPROX (a mere) 47,796 red chinchompa to level 99.

These sell for 700ea! 47,796 x 700 = 33,457,200gp. You like?


Look under pitfall on the hunter guide in game. The three animals there, larupia, grahhk and Kyatt drop hides. Larupia is the only really necessary one, but its nice to have all 3. Catch these animals as soon as you can until you have 3 furs total, with at least 1 not being a 'tatty' fur. Go to the fancy dress shop in varrock and he'll make the furs into clothing for a very low price. Spotted furs from spotted kebbit make spotty capes. Dashing kebbit furs make spottier capes. Try to keep up to date with these also. Wearing the correct fur in the corresponding ground WILL improve your catch rate!

Larupia - Woodland/Jungle
Graahk - Desert
Kyatt - Polar

Accompany these with either spotted or spottier cape at all times. Bring a duelling ring for transport to a bank without taking invent space.


Hope this was of some use, if it confused you in parts, don't worry! It did me too ^_^

Happy huntin,
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Hunter Guide   99 Hunter Guide EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 1:01 pm

Great guide Smile

I'll probably use some of this myself as i'm a massive noob when it comes to hunter Razz

Thanks for posting it up!
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Hunter Guide   99 Hunter Guide EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 11:43 pm

Out of boredom I'm follwing your guide (taking a break from fletching)

Anyway for the bit with wild kebbit I suggest bringing something to alc or a tinderbox to level woodcutting a firemaking.

In fact you could probably do this for most tasks.

99 Hunter Guide Rs10

i also found that putting the bird snares here catch the Tropical wagtails at a fast rate once you start catching them
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Hunter Guide   99 Hunter Guide EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 4:37 am

Yeah! Lots of things you can bring alchs along with you, certainly at first, but the higher you get the more intensive it is Smile I don't get a break at all with red chins now! You're definitely right though, for lots of hunter things, alchs can make you more productive.
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PostSubject: Re: 99 Hunter Guide   99 Hunter Guide Empty

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99 Hunter Guide
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