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 RuneFest: Jam Jars, Photos and Fumbling Around in the Dark.

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RuneFest: Jam Jars, Photos and Fumbling Around in the Dark. Empty
PostSubject: RuneFest: Jam Jars, Photos and Fumbling Around in the Dark.   RuneFest: Jam Jars, Photos and Fumbling Around in the Dark. EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 12:17 am

For the last couple of months, we've been filling RuneFest's schedule of events to the absolute brim. Just when we thought we couldn't add any more, we shrugged our shoulders, rolled up our sleeves and set to work cramming in even more activities, events, distractions and diversions. If you're trying to visualise this epic challenge, close your eyes and imagine stuffing a herd of angry gazelles into a jam jar. It's a bit like that. If that's too hard or harrowing to picture, then the alternative is to check out the full schedule of events we've just added to the RuneFest site.

The schedule shows you what's happening in each area throughout RuneFest 2011 over the weekend in glorious detail. Be warned, though; we've still got quite a few surprises up our ample sleeves to surprise you over the weekend!

One area of RuneFest that we've not talked about in detail yet is Live Dungeoneering. That's because Mod Mark has been incredibly secretive about this challenge to your senses, brains and bodies. All we've been able to glean is that RuneFestilians will need to travel to the depths of RuneFest, group together and solve a series of tasks if they're to make it through the dungeons and see the light of day again.

We're not the only ones pulling out all the stops in preparation of RuneFest 2011, the costumes and outfits you've been creating have been outstanding; so much so that we want to dedicate a RuneScape gallery to your phenomenal efforts. Send us your costume photos and, if they feature in the costume gallery on, we'll seek you out at RuneFest and present you with a little something.

The schedule may be live, but we're not done yet! Next week, we'll give you a little taster of what you can expect at the Halloween party and show you the first pictures of RuneFest 2011 as the venue takes shape. One week to go, ladies and gents; one week to go!
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RuneFest: Jam Jars, Photos and Fumbling Around in the Dark.
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