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 1-99 herblore!! goodluck fellow clan mates!

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1-99 herblore!! goodluck fellow clan mates!  Empty
PostSubject: 1-99 herblore!! goodluck fellow clan mates!    1-99 herblore!! goodluck fellow clan mates!  EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 7:43 pm

Level 1-3 ~ Druidic Ritual Quest
This quest can be done in Taverly. This quest does not take long at all so you will get it done very quick.

Level 3-26 ~ Make 340 Attack Potions (Guam + Eye of Newt)
This will cost around 60k and will take around 20 minutes.

Level 26-38 ~ Make 322 Energy Potions (Harralander + Chocolate Dust)
This will cost around 300k and should also take around 20 minutes.

Level 38-52 ~ Make 1066 Prayer Potions (Ranarr + Snape Grass)
This will cost around 1800K and should take around an hour.

Level 52-85 ~ Make 26,681 Super Energy Potions (Avantoe + Mort Fungus)
This will cost around 63m and will take around 25 hours.

=====2 Options=====

Level 85-91 ~ Make 12,592 Super Antifire Potions ( Regular Antifire + Phoenix Feather)
This will cost around 47m and take around 11 hours.
Note: You cannot buy these feathers, you have to pick them yourself.

Level 85-91 ~ Make Roughly 17K Ranging Potions (Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak)
This will cost around 82m and take around 19 hours.

Level 91-99 ~ Make 28.527 Extreme Magic Potions (Magic Potion + Ground Mud Rune)
This will cost around 163m and take around 26 hours.

Well, this guide was written by me but I had gotten the ideas from a variety of places to piece together a simple and easy to ready tutorial on 99 herblore, good luck on 99 herblore Very Happy
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1-99 herblore!! goodluck fellow clan mates!
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