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 Here you go - my vids! :)

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PostSubject: Here you go - my vids! :)   Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:16 am

Well here's a few of my vids if you guys feel like watching 'em Smile

Me and my friend Lord Hawat worked together as a team for all our vids, generally both contributing on concepts; I edited the ones shown here, LH edited some others. Feel free to have a look on the actual Youtube Channel.

Enjoy <3

Old RSMV for All Star by Smash Mouth

Newer RSMV for Come Clarity by In Flames

RS News Broadcast, my most popular vid - I hate it these days >.<

A Video about getting hungry in Runescape

My Entry to the first RS Machinima competition

Hope you enjoyed the vids Very Happy Very Happy
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angels fly

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PostSubject: Re: Here you go - my vids! :)   Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:37 pm

Hey Borisov,
Absolutely loved your vids, ( to the point they nearly got me killed.) Crying or Very sad

WARNING TO OTHERS: Do not watch Borisovs vids while doing slayer

Some of them made me laugh so much. They are so entertaining and incredibly well thought out

Thanks so much for posting them Very Happy

Angels Fly
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Here you go - my vids! :)
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