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PostSubject: Report Clan Members   Report Clan Members EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 4:58 pm

I have created this how to forum after receiving complaints about guest users joining our clan and thought i'll add this while im at it.

If someone has joined our clan chat and is abusing or insulting someone else or breaking a Jagex rule here you can report them to us so we know who they are.
If we know who they are we clan block them immediately and kick them from the clan.

Be sure to create your own forum in this section.

When reporting someone please make sure to add a description of the event and a screen shot.

Note: also use the in game report on them to get the permanently or temporarily banned from Runescape so they learn their lesson.

Without a screen shot we will not ban them straight away but keep an eye on them.

Windows xp/vista/windows 7

To take a screen shot on a windows computer press the PRTSC SYSRQ button on your computer.
The next thing is to open the program called paint. This Program is on all Windows computer.
Next click the paste button and save it as a JPEG.
Some computers can also do this in Microsoft Word but not all computers.


Taking a screen shot on a mac is easier than on a windows computer just press Command-Shift-4 at the same time and it should save a image file to your desktop

Ubuntu/Linux based computers

Taking a screen shot on Ubuntu is very easy just press PRTSC SYSRQ and choose where to save the image file.

Next upload the image by clicking on the host image button

Report Clan Members Print_10

This will then appear. Click browse and locate the image and click upload.
Then copy the link that is in the image section onto your post

Just submit your post and your done.
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Report Clan Members
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