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 Fletching Money making table

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Fletching Money making table Empty
PostSubject: Fletching Money making table   Fletching Money making table EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 9:23 pm

This is an excel Fletching money making table i made this morning. It works out how much money you will earn by fetching shortbows and longbows.

You need Microsoft Excel to open this document. (you can use a different program to open it but I can't promise that it won't work as it was created in microsoft excel)
If it looks complicated just ask for help and ill try my best.
i will be uploading a user friendly version in the next week that looks a bit better and is easier to understand.

IMPORTANT: The current version profit table is only correct if you collected the logs yourself and did not buy them on the grand exchange.
there are also alot of bugs in the forumla, it will still work but it may give the wrong answer to some the equations

I have now uploaded a new version which works out profit and profit made by making a certain type of bow (e.g. maple bow) till your wanted level.

In the next week i will upload a version that shows high alch exp and profit gained from fletching and fixes the problem listed above.

It is using the grand exchange prices of the 11/11/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy for those of you who live in a different country)

Please don't post this else where and clam it is your because I have worked hard on this. Just link others to this page.

There are four ways you can use to download this (you only have to use one of them):

1:It should be http://www. without the space

2:You have to add http:// your self or this forum website will give you an add

3:If you want to see an add or can't be bothered putting http:// in your self here is the link: KK9RHCAI

4: (only use if you have to)If your having trouble downloading it tell me and I will try to email it to you.

Here is the link to the older messer version http://www. without the spaces

To Do list:
1: Fix log profit problems and bugs in the profit, exp table and working out sheets
2: Check that it works 100% this time
3: Add the alching magic exp table to it
4: Check that the alching table works
5: Tidy up this forum page
6: Update the grand exchange prices for the final release
7: Upload final version

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Fletching Money making table
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